Ian Swanston

Creative Director

If you can’t find Ian, he’s probably at the local bike shop having a coffee and ogling the new line of Italian bikes. When he’s not running or cycling 100 miles, he is Director of Nutshell and is always keeping things lively around the office. He works closely with the design team to deliver creative genius; bringing his knowledge of campaign strategy, copywriting and customer behaviour to the team. Ian has a sharp mind and is quick on his feet, whether it is coming up with content, thinking of a concept or that funny one-liner that cracks the office up. He is one-of-a-kind and a true ‘nutter’.

Lucy Swanston

Managing Director

Lucy is the driving force behind Nutshell and when she’s not looking after client projects and campaigns she will be looking into how advances in technology can impact on marketing efforts. As an ambassador for the more traditional channel of print, Lucy can also be found on judging panels for national industry awards. You’ll know when she’s in the building as she has a laugh to rival the best of town criers and can sometimes be seen busting some ballet moves from her days with the Royal Ballet.

Mark Scammell

Designer and Cross Media Developer

Mark is a man of many words, so many in fact that even the general British person will find him hard to understand. Despite his vast use of vocabulary, he is an outstanding designer, with more than 18 years in the printing/web industry, he is the best at what he does. His illustrations are always on point, his website design exceeds client’s expectations and his commercial experience makes him the one and only Swiss army knife you’ll ever need.

He is an animal lover and if you are ever in the studio, he is the one that looks like Johnny Bravo!

Kelly Shirley

Account Manager

Kelly is our incredible account manager, effortlessly orchestrating even the most complicated of projects with an under-stated tenacity and calm. She forms a vital artery between client services and the Nutshell team, organising suppliers and briefing work through to the studio with no stone left un-turned. Always happy to help and quick to react under pressure - no task is allowed to languish on her desk for long - she consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of projects and delivers truly awesome customer service every time.

Usually the epicentre of giggling fits amidst the studio, the only time you’ll hear her curse or grumble is when she is tackling a ‘challenging’ spreadsheet!

Miguel Gonçalves


Miguel is a language expert. Not only does he speak English, Portuguese and Spanish he is also highly capable in over 10 (at the last count) programming languages. When he’s not eye’s deep in code, he can be found gaming or playing a decent guitar riff. For balance, he still needs to work on his skills in fusing hot water, coffee or tea with milk – it’s not great. He’s our favourite Brexit brother and we want him to remain!

Myles Goode


Myles was born to be a designer. He’s the youngest member of the team, stylish, thick rimmed glasses (designer standard equipment) and cool headphones. In his free time he continues his love of art by applying it to parts of his body. He has the talent and the skills and will be our future superstar.