A Big Pat on the Back – Business Excellence Awards ’16

You know when you get out of bed in the morning on a cold winters day, and you look out of the window at the grey sky and beating rain? There is a moment there where all of us have a little voice that tells us not to bother today, to just get back under the warm duvet and sleep in until spring. Not that we ever do, we get up and set off out into the cold to go to work. In our case, we love doing what we do here at Nutshell Creative which makes braving the winter weather easier anyway, but even so, it’s still nice to get a little mid winter boost when your toes are cold and the wind is biting.

That is exactly what happened to us recently when we found out that we had been awarded the Business Excellence Award for 2016.

The award is based on several factors including a public vote. The voting goes live and is then available for 4 months during which time the subscribers and businesses can put their mark against the nominee of choice.

This is not an internal award though, the website is public and anyone can see the nominees and cast a vote for the business that they feel deserves recognition.

As well as the voting process there is a detailed questionnaire about who we are and what we do that is used to inform the in-house research team. The researchers then look into the nominees and by gathering the information together, they build up a detailed case study. This is comprised of a variety of sources which includes a real drill down into how we have been reviewed, the kind of work we produce and, probably most importantly, testimonials from our clients.

After all of this is completed the panel of judges weigh up the case studies, consider the evidence, and come to a final decision on who is worthy of the award.

This year their decision was Nutshell Creative, and we couldn’t be happier.

The award is a real pat on the back for the team and recognises all the hard work and dedication they put in to get us to the point where we are worthy of the recognition for the award.

So this winter is a little less chilly for us, and we would like to thank the judges for their recognition of our success. Internally, we would like to offer pats on the back all round to our excellent team who continually make us the best.

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