Champagne or prosecco?

I was reading a quote the other day attributed to the inspirational speaker Simon D Campbell, which read: “Success is like a bank account…before making a withdrawal you must first pay in; the bigger the goal, the bigger the deposit.” Given his reference to bank accounts it would be all too easy to assume where we might be going with this blog; champagne expectations on prosecco budgets!

But you’d be wrong as it is actually the idea of success being about more what you’re prepared to put in time and process-wise rather than monetary investment.

Certainly, some of the best campaigns we’ve delivered have been where the client has really got involved and worked alongside us. So, we thought we’d share some ‘investment tips’ for getting the most out of your marketing agency:

1) Trust its advice

A bit like dealing with financial advisors it’s important to give your agency access to your ‘assets’ like databases and business strategies. Trust its judgement when recommending a particular course of action and delivering a campaign that will maximise your returns.

2) Share your aspirations

Be specific with your goals and clearly outline your expectations. Communicate exactly what you are trying to achieve from your intended targets.

3) Throw everything at it

Be organised with what’s required and try to make every resource available to your agency that you can. Try to give it enough time, enough tools and information to do its job, and facilitate any dialogue that needs to be had.

4) Be open; communicate

If you think something is risky then say so, offer your opinion. If you’re unhappy with a campaign proposal or the management of your account then raise the issue and try and work through it to resolve it.

We’re all busy people, under pressure to meet deadlines and it’s not uncommon for either clients or agencies to feel a bit taken for granted on occasions. Time, effort and communication invested by both sides will help ensure each other’s needs are met and will pay dividends in the long run.

We’re not saying that budget doesn’t play a key part because it does; a champagne budget certainly provides more creative opportunities than a prosecco one! But investing time to properly brief in a job to ensure project expectations are understood and that the tools are in place to make it happen are worth far more to an agency. The more time you can afford to put in, the more you will get out.

Lets face it prosecco can be just as tasty as champagne!