Cross Words – a guide to marketing speak

Too much marketing speak? Our tips to understanding cross-channel, multi-channel, cross-media, marketing automation…

Going down this journey into, well what do we call it? At the end of the day the objective is customer engagement – how we do that is another matter.   We have come across so many terms that we just thought we’d write them down, for sanity’s sake.  It’s important we all understand them, use them correctly and not get crossed-wires (we know ‘marketing speak’ can be complicated at the best of times J).

Firstly, a lot of people interchange these terms, but actually they are all different…


A way of delivering services that allows the customer to interact through different channels; however, only one channel is used to complete the task without needing to use the others. The same message/content is used across the channels.

Example: Purchasing groceries; the customer is able to shop in-store, via mobile or via web – but would only use one channel/method for the entire experience (well unless you are unorganised like me and have to run out to get things that have been forgotten).

Cross-media or trans-media

This encourages the migration of one channel to another; it takes the customer on a journey where they have different experiences in each element.

Example: The customer scans a poster with their phone app, which links them to an online portal to request a newsletter.  It triggers an email with the latest newsletter and an offer, which then can be redeemed in-store.  Each element is necessary to experience the whole, no single medium provides the full package; but importantly, content can be personalised to an individual level.


This is where the customer chooses what channel(s) they use; as opposed to be encouraged on the journey. It is a pull rather than a push method, where the touch points enable you to see the customer’s preferences.

Example: A customer sees an in-store promotion, but doesn’t have time to go in. There was a door-drop with the same offer, but that went into the recycling.  Instead they search the website on their laptop (as they prefer that to the mobile).  The company ‘listens’ to what channel preferences are used and can use the data.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Does that make more sense now? (It’s helped me at the very least!).  We have put it into an infographic too – see below.

If you want any further information or want to talk to us about how these methods can help your business, just contact us.