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Design and data had a baby

In every company there is the need to demonstrate expenditure – where the money goes, how it is spent and the effect it has made. Usually this is outlined in multi-page brochures and financial reports that not only require a good knowledge of stats to create but a great deal of time to digest.

Is there another way?  The answer is yes and the latest revolution in displaying information in a comprehendible and visually pleasing format is by using infographics. Quite simply, they are the best way to condense information and complex data into bite-size content that is interesting to the eye and easy to digest.  Infographics are visual and direct, engaging the reader and encouraging them to share. Using infographics allows you to effectively portray your key messages whilst positioning you as the expert. Awesome hey?

At Nutshell we’ve produced infographics since the start of the ‘big-data’ bang. Recently, we created an infographic illustrating the processes, data and outcomes of the largest sport’s charity in the UK, The Football Foundation.

Like many companies, the stakeholders, funding partners, schemes and processes make up a complicated story that on paper isn’t easy to communicate. Two cups of tea and half a packet of bourbons later, the management team have only really outlined the tip of the iceberg.  So, we polished off those biscuits, got to work and produced an infographic that clearly explains the essential information simply, effectively and in no time at all.  From their over-arching ideology and key stats on each of the company’s individual schemes, to illustrating a journey of their main process, the information was clearly displayed enabling easy comprehension and time for discussion.
So, what makes a good infographic?

  • Have one clear goal
  • Make it a subject that people either need or would want to read
  • Show simple, interesting, timely data
  • State your sources
  • … and don’t forget to make it look beautiful

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