Frustrating Communications

With more focus on content marketing and cross-media; companies have been going crazy and all of us at Nutshell have been receiving many different types of communications; some brilliant, some not!

Here’s some of our experiences.

Lucy has 5 year old twins.  Yet she keeps receiving mailings from Bounty advertising baby items. Now we know they captured the twins date of birth upon sign-up, so are they not making the most of their data or simply using the wrong database? It’s costing them money and it sends the message they don’t understand their customer.

Jacqui, in a previous role, signed up to a one-off Toolstation printed catalogue, which got sent to her home address, for ease. 10 years later she still gets them. She has never purchased from it, never asked whether she still wanted it.  Now that is a waste of money for them, all because of using old data (maybe it’s a hint to improve her DIY skills).

As I am writing this; our friend Mark, just contacted us grumbling that Reflex CRM just sent him an email in French! Now we know Mark has many talents, but he assures us that this isn’t one of them and he cannot understand why he had received it in a different language.  Pas bon.

Lucy again (she doesn’t have much luck). Rightmove want her to download the app to make it easier to search property; only she already has the app.  A pointless communication then.

One of the team recently bought a Sonos speaker system, including bridge, and at the same time signed up to the Sonos email.  A couple of weeks later she received an offer promoting, you’ve guessed it, a free bridge upon purchase. Ummmm there was already a purchase, that’s how you have the data.  Words fail us.

Even the experts do it – one highly respected exhibition leader sent us an email saying ‘as an exhibitor’ – only we’re not, we are just visiting this time…..sshhhhhh

There seems to be a trend here; they all data related. Bad data leads to bad communication, which leads to bad relationships with your customer.  Data should be up-to-date, relevant and targeted; with a clear goal to aim for.

What have been your experiences?  Both personal and from a work perspective.

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