Glug And The Creative

A few weeks ago we let Tony & Tash, a couple of our creative types, out of the office to attend the Glug vs. The Tech off – Creatives vs. Coders event.

If you aren’t familiar with these kinds of events, essentially the concept is to put a group of specialists into a room and give them a limited amount of time to talk on a subject of their choice. The crowd, who as you can imagine can get pretty involved, decide who wins.

In this particular instance the team from Glug – who help inspire creatives from around the globe to meet and network, took on the best of Tech off in a battle of Game of Thrones proportions. Well OK, perhaps not quite that epic in scale and definitely featuring a lot less in the way of horrible deaths. In fact, it was all quite civilised and friendly really. Aside from being genuinely great fun, these kinds of events have a real purpose for the attendees.

We are firm believers here that nobody should try to work in isolation. The work of a creative within an agency is often seen as being based in a series of blinding flashes of inspiration.

While to some extent this is true, a good creative will also always be in tune with the industry they operate in, the zeitgeist of popular culture and, possibly most importantly, be open to new and interesting ideas from their peers.

At events such as those organised by Glug and other groups, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry practice. Whether formally in conference style gatherings, or more informally at semi-social events, or even in the bar, these kinds of meetings are invaluable for making contacts and expanding our horizons.

What we do here at Nutshell Creative is take the experience and inspiration gathered from events such as the Glug vs. The Tech off and weave them into the work we do with our clients. This, in turn, improves our levels of service, and for that reason, we see networking such as this as an important part of development.

Not to mention it was actually rather nice and quiet in the office for a few hours.