It’s the perfect storm for doordrops

With much of the population still staying close to home there’s never been a better time to use highly targeted doordrops to increase your business. We’ve worked on three such campaigns since lockdown began, with one customer on target to see an uplift in sales of 23.5% from their month-long campaign.

Since the challenges of the pandemic began, it is doordrops that have enabled local authorities, the UK Government, charities and businesses to communicate important messages to members of the public. They proved the vital link for many businesses to inform people about key services like food delivery, especially folk with little or no access to the internet.

And for charities especially, doordrops have proved a very cost efficient and effective means to reach potential donors. The most recent research suggests that nine out of ten doordrop recipients remember them − much more than any other channel − and that 45% of people hang on to them giving them a long shelf life.

Doordrops are the perfect vehicle to get leaflets, catalogues, product samples and partially addressed material into homes. We’ve already mentioned that they’re memorable and offer longevity but here’s 10 more reasons why you should consider them:

  • Highly targeted: sophisticated profiling makes for more receptive recipients! (see case study)
  • National reach: at postcode sector level for over 29 million homes
  • GDPR: completely compliant as neither contains nor requires personal data
  • Cost effective: gives high brand recall and minimises wastage
  • Drives acquisition: reach the right people at the right time with the right offer (see case study)
  • Integrated: An asset for any cross-media campaign
  • Better brand engagement: encourages trial and retention through samples, vouchers and other trackable incentives (see case study)
  • Directs online: encourages recipients to complete the transactions online (see case study)
  • ‘No holds barred’ creative: produce compelling formats with die-cuts, pop-ups, scented papers and much, much more
  • Localisation: well-conceived doordrops with local messaging are welcomed by communities (see case study)

While people are slowly returning to workplaces and kids to school, consumer patterns show many folk are still choosing to stay at home, shop online and meet friends and family in known environments rather than venturing too far afield. So, door drops are the perfect storm to reach into the homes of your target audiences.

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