Managing collateral remotely

Before Covid-19, your salespeople could just pop over to marketing and ask them to order them some product leaflets to send out to prospects or give to distributors or dealerships. Or volunteers could just contact their charity’s head office to request promotional material to support a fundraising event they were planning.

But enforced working from home (WFH) will have caused delays in such information not only being produced but also being sent out, leaving customers frustrated. And while folk are starting to return to the office, only 34%* of UK employees have gone back compared to 83% in France and 76% in Italy.

So, working remotely looks like it’s with us for some time to come, indeed, for many, it’ll be a permanent way of life. WFH has not been without its issues as we discovered ourselves during lockdown, ranging from not enough face-to-face time with our team as we’d have liked, to technology blips. But one of the difficulties many employees (19%) faced is ‘accessing company resources’†.

And yet it doesn’t have to be like that. A marketing portal will greatly simplify the life of your field staff, dispersed workers and volunteers by enabling them to access and order company resources like stationery and literature.

It is a very cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting marketing collateral quickly into the hands of those that need it most. No special design skills or web knowledge are required by users as we make each portal easy to navigate, and can limit each area according to what you’d like users to be able to see and do.

So whether it’s internal teams, channel partners like distributors, or isolated volunteers, a marketing portal will allow them to access approved and correctly branded marcomms materials with which to engage their audiences. Any document can be created online as a template, which users can tailor to suit their needs. Approved and high quality assets like photos, logos and videos are all stored centrally for easy access.

A marketing portal bypasses agency briefing to get artwork produced and arranging the print. Orders for leaflets, stationery, posters or any other campaign or promotional material can be placed in minutes rather than days, and sent directly from web to print. Digital assets can also be ordered like posts or imagery for social media activity.

Even management of stock items like annual reports or corporate brochures is easier as the portal can be programmed to automatically replenish supplies once minimum stock level limits are reached. Your marketing team would have full control and transparency over what’s being ordered which enables them to oversee budgets and avoid unnecessary purchasing.

There’s few industries that wouldn’t benefit from marketing portals. Automotive manufacturers, for instance, could use them to support and strengthen relationships with their dealerships and distributors. And at this time when fewer people are going into offices and choosing instead to WFH, they could prove vital in maintaining presence on social media or directly communicating with your target audiences via e-shots.

Customers expect their interaction with brands to be consistent, however they engage with them. Marketing portals provide the repository to enable remote staff or volunteers to achieve and maintain that consistency.

*Morgan Stanley