Much more than free lunches!

Premier League (PL) players and their clubs often get a bad rap. However, there’s few people who wouldn’t acknowledge Marcus Rashford’s incredible role in alleviating child food poverty.

And while his efforts were rightly recognised with an MBE there’s been precious little reporting of the incredible funding and support the PL gives the 72 English Football League (EFL) clubs and the National League every year.

In 2019/20, the PL handed over £409.3m to EFL clubs, some 42% of the EFL’s turnover! The PL redistributes a further 15% of its revenue every year outside the Club in solidarity (and parachute) payments, youth development, community support and other good causes.

In December, the PL went a step further to support EFL clubs affected by Covid; it announced a rescue package and distress fund worth £250m in grants and loans. At the same time, it felt compelled to write to MPs to inform them just how much it already did for clubs in their constituencies.

We helped the PL pull together infographics for each of the 70+ EFL clubs likely to benefit. Every one had to be different to illustrate just how much funding each club received; from <£1m to over £40m. We emailed MPs first and followed it up with a branded letter and printed A5 mailer showing their relevant infographic.

Each letter and email were personalised, advising MPs the rescue package was on top of the funding the PL divvied up every season. The missives invited MPs to contact the PL to discover exactly how it supported EFLs in their constituency. We also produced formats of the infographics MPs could share on social media to counter some of the unfair criticism being levelled at the football body.

We’ve worked with the PL for over 12 years and know only too well the foundational role it plays in the football pyramid. We were equally disappointed that its usual funding was overlooked and were delighted to help enlighten MPs and set the record straight.

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