Premier League Reading Stars

Here at Nutshell, we’re big believers in the power of the visual image and the written word. And when we get the opportunity to combine our passion for these with two other causes that really get us excited – supporting young children in keeping healthy and developing their literacy skills – well, that’s something worth shouting about!

We have recently completed project collateral for Premier League Reading Stars. A partnership between the National Literacy Trust and the Premier League, Premier League Reading Stars is a reading intervention programme that captures the motivational power of football to inspire young people to read more and to improve their literacy skills.

Premier League Reading Stars is designed to target children with low reading attainment levels. This can be due to a low motivation to read, negative attitudes, or a lack of confidence; and often a combination of all three.  The programme has proven particularly successful in narrowing the reading attainment gap between those who are reading at the expected level for their age and those who are underachieving. It is also highly effective in transforming boys’ attitudes towards literacy. It engages those who have a passion for football and uses this passion to inspire a love of reading.

In 2014, 3 out of 4 children made at least 6 months’ progress in reading in just 10 weeks; 1 child in 3 made a year’s progress, or more.

As a parent of two young footballers, everything Premier League Reading Stars stands for spoke to me. We are therefore very proud to be involved; producing work that supports this literacy initiative, using the power of sport to change lives and make a difference to children’s education.

If you’d like to know more about the programme, please click on the link above. And if you’d like to know what your favourite footballer’s best read is – see this article on The Guardian.

Happy reading!