Transform your customers’ shopping experience forever with beacons and stickers

Have you noticed how an increasing number of customers are using their devices in-store to research and compare products? Do you fear that you may be losing out on sales and marketing opportunities because you are unable to fully embrace this behaviour pattern? Well, worry no more as we have technology solutions that will allow you to make a giant leap forward in your location-based marketing.

Increasingly sophisticated targeting of potential customers is one of the key ways to realise the potential of smartphones as an advertising platform. What is becoming apparent, however, is that to offer real value (by delivering better engagement and improving sales) the communication has to be as relevant as possible. In other words, it must be targeted towards a particular context, user behaviour or user profile. Within this mix, the physical location of the user when in receipt of the communication is undoubtedly important.

By using Nutshell’s iBeacon, Sticker and mapp technologies you will be able to share targeted product and store information, guide shoppers around your stores, and provide exclusive in-store offers and deals that are specific to each shopper based on their preferences and behaviours. We can even provide you with contactless payment systems and in-venue analytics. Nutshell’s Indoor Location technology makes it incredibly easy and quick to map any location. Once done, you can use our SDK (software development kit) to visualise your approximate position within that space in real-time, in your own custom-branded app.

What’s more, because the devices rely on low-energy Bluetooth technology instead of WiFi there is no issue with compromised battery life. Each of our iBeacons will last for approximately 2 – 3 years, and run off a small coin-sized battery.

So how do they work?

iBeacons are small and relatively low cost, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that can literally be placed anywhere. They broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas that Smart devices in range receive. Any devices with compatible installed apps can then respond. The smart device user will receive a notification on their home screen offering them a discount, reward, or contextual suggestion based on what products and services are nearby – even if their phone is locked. The exact form of that response – whether a notification or another action – is up to you; as you would expect, our platform is fully flexible.

Smart devices can pick up a signal from more than one beacon at the same time. If there are three or more beacons within range, your phone can calculate the distance to each beacon and use this data to estimate its relative location with incredible accuracy. We can thank the sailors of old for this inspiration as they have been navigating using this technique for centuries, using unique fixed markers like lighthouses or stars.

Why should you be interested?

In case you are in any doubt, the benefits to both the customer and your business are plentiful. To name but a few:

  • Data Protection Friendly: in order to receive the messages, customers have to download your app and decide if they want to receive the push messages or not. Only those that have opted-in will receive communications.
  • Customers will receive relevant information based on their location
  • All offers and discounts received will be in context – both time-wise and geographically
  • Customers have the opportunity to share and connect with social media (which also gives extra boosts to your marketing and brand)

As for your business, you will benefit from:

  • Data streaming from your customers’ phones to your database that will provide nuggets of information such as: which products are most popular; heat maps; registration information; and social media interaction
  • Tell-a-friend and message sharing possibilities to widen the reach of your communication
  • Getting a better sense of who your customers whilst they are in live shopping experiences
  • Having a brand presence on your customers’ most important and ubiquitous possession – their phone
  • The ability to offer a 360-degree customer experience.

If you would like to discuss how our iBeacons and Stickers can help with boost your sales, contact us at