The perfect diet for gaining pounds: a case study on Natural Animal Nutrition

What’s it about

When the owner of Northants-based Natural Animal Nutrition (NAN) made healthier changes to her own diet, she was inspired to investigate what she fed her dogs, which proved the catalyst for launching a dog food business.
After much research, and her own experience of feeding raw food and a natural diet to her pets and noticing their obvious health benefits, she started manufacturing a range of products. Since then, she has made it a mission to get the message of a raw diet out to as many pet owners as possible.

Nutshell impact

NAN is a fast growing business and Nutshell was consulted to help spread the message even wider. NAN already had a very good profile of its customer and delivered free within a 15-mile radius. It was felt, therefore that a doordrop might prove the most effective method as it could be accurately targeted and localised. Nutshell worked with NAN on the targeting, the offer and the creative, and developed the company’s website to capture new acquisitions.

With the doordrop driving people to a special landing page on NAN’s website, the client was able to measure who visited and who downloaded the 25% off voucher and raw feed guide. This not only improved brand engagement but also the ability to measure ROI. The campaign lasted a few weeks and cost NAN almost 10% of its turnover. The results were incredible and more than covered the cost of the investment. Moving forward, the client expects this doordrop campaign will increase revenue by up to 25%.

“We’re a relatively small business and what we needed was realistic, and we knew people would stay once their animals tried our products. The campaign has exceeded where we hoped we’d be, with more to come. If you understand the value of your customer, and can make the offer relevant and attractive, and can profile your target then it’s the most fantastic medium,” NAN managing director.

Or as we would say, it’s the ‘Nuts’!