Uniting church communities; a case study on The Churches Conservation Trust

What’s it about?

National charity, The Churches Conservation Trust, has saved over 350 churches from falling into disrepair. Without donations, and the support of over 1750 volunteers, many of these irreplaceable examples of architecture, archaeology and art would have disappeared. But now they’re back at the heart of communities, being enjoyed as centres of cultural, social, tourist and educational interest.

Nutshell impact

Supporting such a large army of reginal managers and volunteers, and equipping them with the tools they need to attract donations and rally people to help, relied in no small part on a marketing portal. To mark its 50th anniversary, the Trust underwent a major rebranding exercise, with Nutshell additionally redesigning the portal using the latest developments in personalisation. This has enabled volunteers to create event leaflets, social media posts and many other marcomms from templated designs that reflect the new brand. This not only maximises the impact of national campaigns and marketing resources but also ensures that this historic charity remains contemporary and relevant, both now and into the future.

Amen to marketing portals!

  • Brand consistency: pre-approved templates ensure all marcomms are aligned
  • Cost-saving: no small agency fees, jobs automatically sent from web directly to print
  • Time efficient: none of the usual delays in commissioning print jobs, can be ordered 24 x 7 from any device
  • Straightforward: custom designed to user experience, no special design or web skills required
  • Controlled: assets like video, photos and literature stored centrally with access limited to certain users
  • Transparent: instant reporting of the status of jobs and budget
  • Stock control: automatic reordering of popular assets ensures supplies never run out